Tanya Smith-Long

Membership Manager

Tanya is a native of New Haven that was educated in the public school system there. She later attended Gateway Community College. Growing up in an underserved community, she had a strong desire to give back. She became a member of the Democratic Town Committee serving as co-chair for two terms in Ward 3 and one term after moving, in Ward 20. Through civic engagement and grassroots community organizing, she worked diligently to increase voter registration and turnout in her district. She was responsible for running the democratic headquarters, hiring and supervising pole workers for her wards’ election site. Tanya worked closely with interns from Yale University through Urban Resource Initiative to turn vacant lots in the neighborhood into thriving community gardens while mentoring high school students who needed community service hours to graduate. Tanya serves as the director of the outreach ministry at Revival Church under the leadership of Bishop Danny Bland where she feeds and clothes the homeless, provides various supports for sick, shut in and bereaved families and facilitates community events to bridge the neighborhood to the church. As the mother or three, she saw first hand how being in a different social economic at different times affected the quality of education and opportunities her own children received. Her drive to bridge that gap led her to fight for other students as she fought for her own. When not being of service to others, Tanya enjoys traveling, crafting and riding her motorcycle.

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