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Our definition of organizing is rooted in social justice. We are about access to education, “the American Dream,” and freedom for our people. And we know that can only be achieved through organizing for systemic change.

Organizing is:

  • The long-term, thoughtful support of a community’s pursuit of freedom, equity, and justice
  • The protection of authentic voices, viewpoints and self-interests
  • The development of community leaders;
  • And the act of disrupting and dismantling systems of oppression and shifting the balance of power in favor of communities making decisions for themselves. 
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We organize through churches because we believe churches and pastors play a critical role in engaging with our families. They can also build a strong body of power to influence decision makers and change the balance of power in favor of educating all children.

Using our community organizing cycle, we hold one-on-one meetings with pastors to uncover their self-interests and those of their congregants. We secure buy-in and feedback to execute issue campaigns that are deeply-felt and widely-held with their members. These partnerships allow us to build individual relationships with church members. Through this work, our collective power grows. In 2024, we launched our 300 Voices community organizing campaign.

Through strong community organizing we’ve:

  • Demanded stronger governance from local boards of education
  • Prevented busing cuts for thousands of elementary school students
  • Secured millions of additional dollars for public education in Bridgeport, Hartford, and New Haven.
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