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We are compiling our nonpartisan voter guides for the general election in Bridgeport, Hartford, and New Haven. The guides are presented in English and Spanish. We don’t endorse or oppose any candidate or party. Please check back in late October to learn more information and to see the voter guide for your city!

To support our work, please commit to vote or donate. Thank you!

FaithActs Voters



In 2022, Kavan registered to vote for the first time. Now, he’s committed to making sure others not only vote, but also hold elected officials accountable.

As a part of FaithActs Organizing Institute, he learned that only a fraction of those who can vote in Bridgeport, do. That takes away our collective power, especially when the number of votes that determine local elections is very low. Bridgeport voters, especially voters of color, don’t command enough power.

And he’s made it his mission to change that.


Why does Columbus vote? The reason is simple. He knows without our votes, the changes we need to see in our community don’t happen.

For years, Columbus has worked with FaithActs to get out the vote. It’s a cause that matters to him greatly because he wants to make a difference in our education s system and make sure our kids get the funds they deserve. He knows Bridgeport children are just as blessed as children in other communities, they just need access to receive an equitable education.

In order to make that happen, Columbus will vote, and he will fight for it.

FaithActs Canvasser Reminds Friend to Vote
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