FaithActs Bishop Diamond

Bishop John Diamond

Clergy Organizer

As a Bridgeport-based clergy organizer and FaithActs co-founder, Bishop John Diamond utilizes his years of experience leading his congregation to organize greater-Bridgeport pastors to fight for educational equity.

Bishop Diamond is the Senior Pastor of Cathedral of Faith Church of God. After moving to Connecticut in 2010, with two young children in elementary school at the time, he had to decide between buying a house in an area with strong public schools or paying for private school education for them. When we launched FaithActs, we did it in the sanctuary of his church. On that day, we committed ourselves before our community and before God that we would not rest until all Connecticut’s children received the education they need and deserve.

Bishop Diamond  is an ordained Bishop with the Church of God International. He graduated from The West Indies School of Theology with a Certificate in Theology and the Pentecostal Theological Seminary, where he received a Masters of Arts in Church Ministry.

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