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Bishop Daniel Bland

Clergy Organizer

Bishop Bland draws from his skill as a motivator, mentor, pastor and advocate to lead our greater-New Haven clergy organizing work.

He is the Senior Pastor of Revival Church, where he has served since 2012. Bishop Bland serves the lower house of the Episcopacy of the Mount Calvary Holy Churches of America, as the Jurisdictional Overseer of Connecticut, Massachusetts, and Rhode Island. As International Director of Youth & Young Adult Ministry, Rev. Bland provides cutting edge ministry solutions and strategies to emerging youth and young adult leaders across the United States, Trinidad, Barbados, Canada, & the United Kingdom.

In addition to his service to the local and national church, he is an avid social services practitioner and advocate. With over a decade of experience and expertise, he can often be found: providing counseling and guidance to at risk youth involved within the Juvenile Justice system, advocating for the essential needs of individuals living with HIV and AID’s, and providing consultation and training for nonprofit organizations, executive leadership teams, and community practitioners. In 2020 Rev. Bland along with his Wife Melonie K. Bland founded The WELL Connecticut Wellness & Urban Trauma Center and initiative of the Revival Church.

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