FaithActs Statement: Superintendent Must Include Bridgeport Families in The Process

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Today, the Bridgeport Public Schools superintendent announced the district would close six schools.

FaithActs for Education released the following statement from Duanecia Evans Clark, Executive Vice President of Strategy:

“Bridgeport’s children deserve the highest-quality schools and a world-class education, and they’ve been systematically deprived of both for generations. We have been fighting for these rights in Bridgeport for almost 10 years, and our elders have done so for decades longer.”

“We know that those closest to the problem are closest to the solution and that any solution must center the parents and students who will be most deeply impacted by this change. Bridgeport families with students in each of these six schools have been denied access to the educational experience they need and deserve.”

“Families must have a key role in determining where their students will go, how those schools will be staffed and structured, and how Bridgeport will finally do right by its children. We are asking the Superintendent to hear the voices, perspectives, and experiences of families whose lives continue to be uprooted by a system ill-equipped to serve them.”

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