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Republican candidate for United States Senate
Campaign website: www.coreyforsenate.com
Occupation: Small business owner
Previous Elected Offices: None

What is your education story?

I have some Community College. I have served Honorably in the United States Navy. I have owned two small
businesses one for 30 years and the other for 16 years.

If kids aren’t reading on grade level by third grade, research is clear that they’re less likely to graduate.
75% of third-graders in Bridgeport aren’t reading on grade level. What will you do to change this if elected?

I believe in school choice. I believe the money should follow the child.

Should Bridgeport receive increased education funding from the state? Why or why not?

Candiate declined to respond.

Why do you believe Bridgeport residents should vote for you?

Candiate declined to respond. 

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Republican candidate for United States Senate
Declined to Respond

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