FaithActs for Education is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit based in Bridgeport, Connecticut. We are people of faith building power to get our children the education they deserve.

    Connecticut's Governor, State Senators, and State Representatives control how much state funding Bridgeport receives for education. Our 2018 Voter Guide will focus on candidates running for those offices.

    The goal of this 2018 Voter Guide will be to inform our community about each candidate's background, goals, and education platform. FaithActs will send a questionnaire to each candidate for Governor, State Senator, and State Representative who will appear on a ballot for Bridgeport voters. Candidates who do not respond will be noted.

    Bridgeport voters will also elect candidates to the following offices this year: Lieutenant Governor, U.S. Senators, Representatives in Congress, Registrar of Voters, Secretary of the State, Attorney General, Treasurer, Comptroller. Since Bridgeport receives approximately 70% of its education funding from the state and only 7% federal sources, our 2018 Voter Guide will not focus on federal races.

    FaithActs for Education does not endorse any candidate or party. Candidates' views will be provided for educational purposes only. If you have any questions, please contact us:


    Tuesday, August 14 - Vote in the primary election from 6am-8pm at your polling place
    Tuesday, October 30 - Register to vote in the November 6 election / 4pm register by mail / 8pm register register in person / 11:59pm register register online
    Tuesday, November 6 - Vote in the general election from 6am-8pm at your polling place / Same-day voter registration at 999 Broad Street


    Registrar of Voters - 203-576-7281 / 999 Broad Street / Voter registration, polling places
    Town Clerk - 203-576-7208 / 45 Lyon Terrace / Absentee ballots
    FaithActs for Education - Text 203-583-8573 / Call 203-868-0443 / Voting commitments, voter guide, ride to the polls

    Local elections are critically important for Bridgeport education! Your voting commitment will help us quantify our collective power and hold elected officials accountable. To complete your commitment, please fill out all of the fields below. We'll use this information to confirm your registration status and polling place, and we won't share it with anyone. If you have questions, please contact us:

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    THE GOVERNOR represents the entire state of Connecticut, and relies on voter turnout from large cities like Bridgeport to get elected. They have the power to propose the state budget, sign state bills into law, and veto the budget or laws approved by the Connecticut General Assembly. This year, the office of Governor is up for election on November 6.

    STATE SENATORS AND REPRESENTATIVES represent the interests of specific districts within the Connecticut General Assembly. They have the power to propose state laws, approve the state budget, and vote on bills for the Governor to sign into law. This year, 2 State Senate seats and 6 State Representatives seats in Bridgeport are up for election on November 6.